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Welcome to Essential Wellness Center!

What's so special about EWC? Everything! Our space is warm and nurturing and we believe that respect and gentleness are the key components to making you feel safe as you open up and unwind. We are able to help you cope with the daily stresses of life; support your immune system while you heal from serious illness; give you tools to manage feelings of anger, fear, grief, pain (whether physical, mental, or spiritual). Joining in with one of our workshops gives you the opportunity of meeting and growing along with like-minded people.


Our Mission

We make it a point to REALLY LISTEN to what you have to say and give you the proper support as you create change and balance in your life by developing new patterns that are life giving instead of life draining. We care about your unique life situations and daily stressors. Our job is to make you feel more like you! When this happens, it is like experiencing a new lease on life. You breathe better and oxygenate your body and FEEL more ALIVE and present!

Contact Information

We value your comments and interest and will make every effort to promptly reply to all inquiries.